In Like Our Man

Episode 12: Jerry Goldsmith -After another long break CTM is back with an all new episode. This episode is the first in a long run of episodes soon to follow. On today’s show Ralph plays a couple of scores from Jerry Goldsmith’s Our Man Flint and In Like Flint. Follow this electronic odyssey into the spy world of Derek Flint. Be sure to check out the ALL NEW CTM Myspace page, !

Main Titles – Our Man Flint
Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone – Our Man Flint
A Bit of Research – Our Man Flint
You’re a Foolish Man, Mr. Flint – Our Man Flint
It’s Gotta be a World Record – Our Man Flint
Where the Bad Guys are Gals – In Like Flint
The Golf Lesson – In Like Flint
Get Flint – In Like Flint
Lost in Space – In Like Flint
Flint is Alive – In Like Flint
End Titles (Your Zowie Face) – In Like Flint

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