Vinyl Wishlists

EPISODE 20 – Ralph is joined by David (@TheVinylScore) , Paolo (@jigowatts1304) & Mark (@PopcornandVinyl) to discuss 12 (if not more) film scores that have never been on released on vinyl that should be! There are countless scores out there that would make great vinyl releases, share your three wishlist items in the YouTube comments! Hopefully we can get some record companies to press these suggestions! Continue reading Vinyl Wishlists

Unboxing: The Last Blockbuster (guest Taylor Morden)

Interview Ep. 2/Unboxing Ep. 10 – (YouTube Episode) – Ralph is joined by director Taylor Morden ( @PopMotion Pictures ) while he opens up the soundtrack to “The Last Blockbuster” ( @Netflix ) from @Enjoy The Ride Records!! On this episode they are discussing the … Continue reading Unboxing: The Last Blockbuster (guest Taylor Morden)